Pollutionism Now!

The other day I was eating a fine meal, the bounty of civilization: red daal curry, spinach salad, and vegetable bean soup. I had posted an image of my feast in some discord server, and someone commented on the fine china I was using. Ah yes, paper plates, my favorite. They leave you free to not do dishes. I then preempted the environmentalist criticism by saying jokingly, โ€œFUCK THE ENVIRONMENTโ€. Then I made various crude and absurd remarks about people loving and worshiping Greta Thunberg. Someone responded very forcefully, โ€œWhy are you the way you are?โ€

Today, I want to expound upon the ideas of pollutionism and why you too should consider yourself a pollutionist. Now, to better understand pollutionism we need to understand environmentalism: a concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment. Being an environmentalist does not mean you are dogmatically in favor of worshiping or promoting the environment at all costs. In the same way, a pollutionist is not someone who just wants to pollute at all costs. We realize that pollution adds a lot of value to our lives and pollution is under threat by a political agenda.

Reuse ๐Ÿ™„

Hey kiddo, did you know that you should use reusable stuff, things that you donโ€™t just use and dispose of. Whoever says this is a simpleton and you need to slowly back away. Now you may cry out and tell me, actually reusable stuff saves money. Oh what a silly fool you are, you care only for money and not my values. There is an unending list of claims we can make, hopefully I can dispel the fallacy of reuse.

Just because something is reusable, does not mean it is worth your time. Reusable things require maintenance, often time consuming. The question is the imposition of the strain on me and what my time is worth to me. I have a reusable coffee filter. It is simple to clean and I never need to buy coffee filters again. I use paper plates, because doing dishes is too burdensome.

If resources were in such low supply that it made it more economical to do my dishes, then I might give up paper plates. I think it is important to reflect on the fact that washing dishes is domestic labor. Households in our recent past use to do a lot more domestic labor. More people, especially women, were freed up to pursue other things, because they did not need to spend their days in labor maintaining their homes. Are you prepared to cut back time at work and give up your leisure to pursue more domestic labor?

Civilization ๐Ÿ™๏ธ

Do you like dishwashers, refrigerators, cars, cleaning products, grooming products, electronics, etc? Of course you do, you are a civilized human being. You know what? They are coming for it all. They want you to give up everything, because it hurts the environment. Okay listen kiddo, I donโ€™t want to damage the environment, but you have to have some common sense. Pollution may affect the environment that we all share, but the bounties that make up civilization make the environment a lot more tolerable.

This chart showing climate related deaths over the last 100 years is a brilliant work of statistics. The truth is that civilization is making life safer and protecting people. That is the overwhelming direction of progress. When people say that pollution will have negative effects and we are yet to know if we can overcome the changes in the environment, they are ignorant of history. The entire battle of human history was fighting a murderous and destructive mother earth. In recent history, our high civilization has brought extreme control over this villain. The price we pay is a little pollution to keep the sadistic mother earth at bay.

Renewable ๐Ÿ’ฃ

This is not to say that the earth does not give, but she is a harsh mistress. Same with pollution, pollution is another monster that we must keep under our control. It is a tool of human creation. We can use it for good or bad. But the debate is always about how we are making life so bad by destroying the environment. Many environmentalists want to ask you strip away much of your ability to use civilization. What do you think a 95% cut would be like? It would drag us back to a stage of barbarism only known a few years ago. But I am told that there is another magical solution. You donโ€™t really need to cut back that much, because we will just have renewable energy.โ€™

Great idea everyone, we should use very rare and expensive resources to build batteries to store the overpriced energy we are making. This is a real galaxy brain moment. Why not get back to us when the technology is ready for prime time, before ruining my life.

A Political Agenda ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ

Itโ€™s very simple, it is about control. All of history has been barbarous people trying to come up with ways to loot: Armies, Politicians, Priests; They are the enemy. The environmentalist and their scientism want to be a new priest class. If only we sacrifice as much as the priest class demands, then maybe the world will not end. It is a story that has always been preached. The tragedy is that we have already found the one force in human history that might finally bring us salvation, civilization.

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