Transphobic Sports Opinions

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You have these right-wing personalities on the internet who like to bash and intimidate trans people. One of the masters of dealing in fact over feeling is the twitch streamer, Destiny. I know because I once saw a clip of him talking about transgender women in sports. So it is important that I take some time to point out the obvious facts.

These transphobic broflakes want to use pseudo science to avoid calling trans-women… MEN! They say they accept transgender people. The actual issue is the advantages of male puberty. Did you know that male puberty makes your skull shape bigger and turns you into an ubermensch? Yes, I will call your bluff and agree that male puberty gives you such an advantage. I am not even going to point out how the broflakes are using alt-right talking points. Just look up skull shape and ubermensch. 

Now these right-wing capitalist types love to talk about equality. They say that they believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Just because a bernie bro is upset that someone has more success than him, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the opportunity to get success. Just because you have to work harder than some rich kid, doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. It is ultimately about life choices. You are in the place you are, because of the choices you made in your life. Get over it!

Well congrats broflake. Why do you sit here and complain about the advantages of one group over another when they could have made different life choices. You may be very confused. What life choices could a cis-woman have made that will make them comparable to a trans-woman? Well this whole argument in the first place was over male puberty. 

Cis-women already have differential ability because of the difference in testosterone exposure during puberty. This is just happenstance by the facts of your birth. But in the modern age, we have science. People can easily take control and adjust their hormone levels. They can choose to take control of their life and not feel sorry for themselves. We can assure them that it is okay to be born with a testosterone deficiency and still be an athlete. They can increase their testosterone while they are a teenager inorder to be competitive. 

It might be very challenging developing male traits, no one said that being an athlete was going to be easy. After training for a few years as men, they can then get off testosterone. Then they will have all the advantages that people accuse trans-women of having. This is such a simple solution to a simple problem. If you don’t want to live as a man for a few years, then you clearly don’t have what it takes to win in women’s sports.

It really irritates me when you see these people who want to talk about equality of opportunity all day when it suits them, but the moment it hurts their pathetic feelings they whine for equality of outcome. I am not going to apologize for being born with an advantage. The only injustice is the women denied the opportunity to undergo male puberty in order to become superior athletes. This is America and if you don’t like it you can go to North Korea.

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