Health and Safety is Perverted and Diseased

Some people say we have four futures, these people are marxist morons. People  who study the facts know that there are in fact two futures. There is an all consuming monster which threatens to kill us all. The future is about either accepting or rejecting the all consuming monster. The strange thing is that it promises us everything. It promises to make the world whole and remove all that is harmful. Strictly speaking in consideration of our present moral values, the monster is morally justified. You might even say that it is the most moral thing imaginable.

An Ounce of Prevention, A Pound of Cure

Folky little wisdom is useful and dangerous. It is almost always practical, but it is never tautologous. People walk around saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. They say this like it is a universal truth. What a bunch of fools, how can you really believe that?

Now you may tell me that many diseases could have been prevented and thus save us future expenses. This is a fine premise, but does that mean the cost of prevention is worth it. What do I mean by the cost? We are taught that you can look at it in at least two ways: quality of life and money. 

The naive theory of public health is that we need more preventative medicine to reduce the financial cost of medicine. The man on the street just accepts that old folky wisdom. These people have not investigated the facts about preventative medicine. They just assume that this is a sound logical argument. I will provide you some red pills to frame the problem.

Consider this thought experiment. You have a disease which affects 1% of the population. If we can catch it early, then we can save about $10,000 per person in healthcare expenses. Okay well what if the test is $100 per person we test, then it will exactly appear budget neutral. Except even the idea we would be budget neutral is also a lie. What if the cost of the disease is expected to be paid in 20 years. Then instead of getting the test you deposit the money into an investment that yields about 3.6% interest. Taking into consideration the bigger picture, even if the test costs $50 it would still be an expected financial loss for you. The argument for preventative medicine saving money is highly contingent. Especially when we factor in discount rates for future costs.

The issue even with this thought experiment is that a lot of these diseases are caused by lifestyle. Preventative medicine in first world countries is not most effective in testing someone for a disease but getting them to stop unhealthy behavior. You can screen people for cancer, heart disease, STDs, etc. There exists effective early intervention for many diseases. But there are specific behaviors that are highly causal of disease. In the case of one large killer, heart disease often highly recommends massive lifestyle changes which put you at odds with typical first world behavior.

In essence, prevention is all fine and good, but the devil is in the details. Prevention in formal medicine could be effective in improving outcomes, often at a reduced cost compared to better treatments. We still need to remember that prevention’s ability to reduce cost has probably little to do with formal medicine, but instead convincing people to change their life choices. Congrats you can save huge amounts of money on your future healthcare expenses if you change your diet, exercise regularly, take your vitamins, blah blah blah. I am glad we solved the healthcare crisis. Of course people are going to say that is just so hard. People just don’t have the money and education to be healthy. Being unhealthy is addictive and a coping mechanism for people. There is a long list of complaints against the self responsibility school of public health.

The All Consuming Monster

Recognizing the validity of the logical argument thus far leads us to the fall back position, that there is no monetary price that isn’t worth people being healthy and safe. These people have tripped back into an even more irrational position, but the premise that no one can even disagree with. If you can’t disagree with the argument, then it is paradoxically a rational choice. Are you saying that it is okay for people to die? Yes, but don’t you dare accuse me of taking a moral position. I am not saying that people deserve to die, just that they don’t deserve to live. See how manipulative the rhetoric is here. This is clearly a very wicked and calculating monster. 

Look you can’t just say that only if we had X more dollars then people would be Healthy and Safe ™. Healthy and Safe ™? What do I mean by these words? Well let us imagine that you are at the hospital crying, your spouse just died. If only they had been treated earlier, sure it would of only costed $5 more per capita and your spouse would of had a much better chance of living. This is devastating! The only problem with this line of thinking is that there is always another $5 we could of spent to save people. 

There is always accidents, just because people die doesn’t imply that something went wrong. Let us assume there is a 1 in a billion chance that a bottle of coca-cola will explode and injure you. Now this may or may not be considered safe and following all regulations. We need to remember that someone will eventually open that one in a billion. Health and Safety ™ wants you to believe that all death by corporations is due to a lack of Health and Safety ™. In reality, there is always going to be danger. They can always point to how only if we would spend $5 more, then we will be Healthy and Safe ™ . 

The evidence is inductive and subject to creep. You can’t prove or disprove Health and Safety ™, because every instance of injury could probably be prevented in theory if we only gave them more money. This is a major red flag, because every time that injury doesn’t happen you can affirm the success of your ideology. In essence the prevailing ideology is unfalsifiable. Logically if we attempt to look a few steps ahead, then we might see how the overarching promise will never work.

It becomes an all consuming monster that will never be satisfied. You will never be Healthy ™ or Safe ™. We need to rethink our commitment to this ideology or be slaves to its demands. This is not mere hyperbole. Every dollar that we give to Health and Safety ™ is less effective than the last. As they exhaust the cheaper and more effective healthcare and safety measures, they will have to turn to more extreme costly measures to inch along the roads of improvements. But we need not only worry about the infinite consuming demands on our finances.

I am here to remind you; the argument for preventative medicine is not that it reduces costs, but it is another means to improve health outcomes. Sure we can make improvements to health outcomes by screenings and testing. The real room for prevention is not in the realm of formal medicine, but in the lifestyle choices of the general public. I mean if you have exclusively a moral imposition to keep people Healthy and Safe ™, then it is clearly no stretch that you can justify the oppression of people by demanding they live so called dignified lives.

Really Real Reality

Modern society places a moral imperative to further our God, Health and Safety ™. We can’t allow for the subversion of moral values by permitting you to make an unhealthy or unsafe choice. The final frontier of Health and Safety ™ is the acceleration of control over your lifestyle choices. More and more you will have to give up the pleasures of life to fulfill the memetic allure of Health ™ and Safety ™. All dissent will be treated as heretical or suffering a mental illness. Why would anyone want to be unhealthy and in danger? How could they dare not serve our moral duty? They must be fucking crazy!

How did the world come to this state of affairs? I would like to have you think back to highschool. You were presented a simple narrative about the past. Once upon a time, the world was very dangerous. Now we are protected with Health and Safety ™. I have pointed out the absurdity of these claims. They are eternally valid and they manifest themselves in a type of right side of history view of the world. When we look back in 100 years people will wonder why we didn’t adopt the same degree of management over society. 

This is exactly what we do now when we point back to the progressive era. Before this era in history, we didn’t have such a high degree of societal management. This is the first era where Health and Safety ™ became a distinct movement arguing for a policy position. They pointed out just as we do now how people are living horrible unhealthy and unsafe lives. The activist spooked people by showing them images of poverty or pointing to various incidents of injury. The issues are slightly different, but overall people still complain about health and safety even when there has been a drastic improvement for all measures of health and safety. The activist still cries out for change. There is something strange about this and I would like to introduce you to this test.

When dealing with historical movements it’s often useful to ask: is this dead, or alive? If the former, what killed it, when, and how? If you cannot find any answers to these questions, it is a pretty good clue that you’re looking at something which isn’t dead.

And if it’s not dead, it must be alive. And if it’s alive, but you no longer identify it as a distinct movement, the only possible answer is that it has become so pervasive that you do not distinguish between it and reality itself. In other words, you do not feel you have any serious alternative to supporting the movement. And you are probably right.

I would propose that this historical revolution where Health and Safety ™ defeated the wild and dangerous past is entirely ideological. There wasn’t and will never be a moment where they will pack up and go home. Despite all of our advances in health and safety, they still come around and demand further expansion. The same argument can be used now as it was used then. Corporations are putting profits over human life. If they would only make less profit they could of saved some quantity of lives. If only we all chip in and give a little to society, oh dear all them lives. 

The difference now is that Health and Safety ™ won the argument once upon a time and now are the ruling ideological force that dominates interpretation of reality. The right side of history is properly contextualized as one where Health and Safety ™ prevails. A brighter future is on the horizon. We are on the verge of abolishing all the danger that prevails in the world and the cultivation of highly managed civilization. We just need to defeat our enemies and escalate into our scientific future.

You can’t even disagree with reality and the right side of history can you? Are you saying that you oppose a healthier and safer future? People who oppose high management of society usually look like absolute morons and shills. You simply just have to show some vague correlation of some increase in Health and Safety ™ to win an argument. People who talk about budgets and freedom look like absolute appoligists for the murder and injury of their fellow man. 

The Manifesto of a Lost Future

Since I do not value my own public image, I affirm the belief in a dangerous reality. There are simply things beyond mere maximizing Health and Safety ™. You have yet to know the wrath of the abandonment of all your autonomy. You proclaim the stupidity of man and your scientific morality. I charge that your morality is pseudo scientific and you love the whip.

It is easier for humans to focus on simple numbers. Get a nice collection of simple numbers together and make an aggregate. This is easy, it provides basic levels of progress and meaning for simple people. The truth is that the bulk of the mass of people are cowards and morons. They know nothing of the complex nature of satisfaction. They simply want simple calculations and guaranteed outcomes. The masses know nothing other that the regurgitation of random statistics. They want the aggregate good statistic. How much good does that do? This is easier than discovering what good actually means. 

All of this is because people are moronic failures who can’t live with their own life choices. Of course people are going to run to people who flash numbers in their face, that misleadingly prove you can at no risk eat your cake and have it too. If only we had an additional $5 we could have saved your loved one. Well let me ask you, would you really want to give up that $5. You can either admit you are being scammed by Health and Safety ™ or admit to being a cowardly liar!

I see people being scammed everyday. I praise the scam artists, they are some of the most moral people around us. They don’t threaten anyone, they only use their words. The suckers just hand over the loot! Still they want to cry about how they have been robbed. Often the deal they are being offered is quite transparent and they would know this if they had exercised any quantity of intelligence. Some people see risk and danger; The powerful see calculation and profit. This is the reason people hate scam artists, they think that what really keeps them from power is in the hands of the evil mastermind. These people want to whine about their failures. They prefer actual violence and evil: the power of society and it’s authorities to protect us under their boot and whip. 

The most scientific morality: fuck you I will do whatever I can possibly do and I dare you to stop me. The only constraint is the laws of nature. This is why the only consistent vision of freedom is the violent suppression of failure. Failure, a product of the natural order is objected to by the fake proponents of a scientific morality. They use science as a subversion of the natural order. Everything natural is bad and we need to be saved from the monster that is nature. Instead they would prefer to give up everything beautiful and be perpetual slaves to an even hungrier monster, Health and Safety ™. 

Our enemies make up the most organized and unified political lobby: the losers, retards, and whiners. In turn we need our own political lobby: Rich Billionaires; Feminist Academics; Owners of Cigarette Companies; Prostitutes; African Warlords; Citizens of Israel; Post-Modern Philosophers; Drug Dealers; People with Autism; People with Tourette’s; Back Alley Surgeons; Cat Girls; Scam Artists; Pepe Artists; Satanic Cultists; Bio Hackers; Transgender Children. RISE UP!

It is time to lead the revolution against Health and Safety ™. Any pathetic plebeian should be immediately exterminated if they don’t please us! In turn if you are ready to secure your own pile of loot, then be prepared to conquer it. The world is full of opportunity. Value is created by the discovery and cultivation of individuals contributions. Progress is not about toil, it is about new things. Ideas which come from us, the few. Those who feel entitled to power and loot are not worthy of life. Feel no sympathy for them! 

Are we not all humans of common heritage and a universal love? No! This is such a common objection and so misplaced. A human is a minimal viable product, a coward who clings to the safest possible outcome. We risk our humanity and win something. Those who fail to win will scrape and claw back to their humanity. They want those who are more than human to be chained to serve those who are less than human. This system is highly perverse and there is no reason to participate in it unless you are a weak sub human. Don’t condone your own constraint and forced equality. You are not equal, nor human.

The Final Death Cult

Even if I am not a violent sadistic monster, and I most certainly am; I would not care; I believe in self esteem. Don’t feel bad for not being human, humans invented morality. Morality should serve your own self esteem, not make you feel bad for who you are.

The masses surround me after giving my oral manifesto. You are crazy! I answer your charges with a confesion, I am crazy! I am prepared to face the consequences of my beliefs. Before they led me to the gallows, my friend magically broke me out of prison. He wanted to show me something so we took a trip in his time machine. It is just so convenient that this happened. I choose to not worry about this detail.

It turns out that career criminals like myself needed to be purged. We can’t have people like myself running around corrupting our children. I mean I do after all advocate for people to participate in experimental surgeries, selling dangerous drugs, and probably outright violent murder. The most successful of these well organized groups that got me locked up was just called MOM. They shuffled down the streets chanting their slogan, “Respect And Protect Every Child!

Hey kiddos maybe we should take the time to visit exactly what this group believes. Society is sick and dangerous. People have short and brutish lives, we have a life expectancy of 197. They unveil a careful analysis that if we increase public healthcare spending from 63% of GDP to 69% of GDP targeting early youthful intervention that we can bring the life expectancy up to 203 in only 30 years. This would require raising of the age of childhood to 30 and the universalization of the childhood detain, condition, and educate program. Let me tell you they got it. These sick fuckers always get what they want.

They keep the kids isolated in a padded room. That is what Health and Safety ™ promised MOM. The kids were to be educated by direct cable experience. A safe experience that just jammed everything Health and Safety ™ wanted the kids to know. There is no danger or risk. Almost perfect detention, conditioning, and education. Nothing is ever perfect!

Each child is given a unique voice. The buzzing and harsh tones of the speaker. EEEEETZCHA ITS YOUR MOTHER! The voice of each mother piped into the fancy fun cage to color each child. It’s like a coloring book, rigid lines to fill in with your most common dreams. It is a fantasy for the inadequate. 

The only desire that people desire is to be the objective of desire. Oh the harsh noises that mother sends their way. An entire generation raised on mother’s love, what a novel experiment. It only took a generation to grow up on this experiment to see it go away. It was too cruel and perverse to expose to children. 

How quickly the do-gooders are no longer. They obliterate themselves out of existence. Maybe they just went home, but one day they were gone. No more MOM to give her your love. This is not strange you know. It is better that they go gently. It is Safer ™ and Healthier ™ that way. Really the shrill shrieking was not good for anyone’s health.

The elimination of one problem brings out another. Typical! There is an age where people just stop being children. Then they are let out into the dangerous world. Some die soon and many have a hard time in the real world. This real world is a construct of structural policy. The real world for most people could be locked in a cell packaged carefully in bubble wrap. Really, if we are being responsible we should make it so. There we go, it is.

See how efficient we are in Health and Safety ™, we follow the facts and get results in mere sentences. Here we come, the tippy tops of health and safety. Away we go to infinite life and infinite safety. Inching closer and closer one step at a time. But then the scientists, the neurons of the Health and Safety ™ complex had begun to achieve some awareness. Infinity, how big of a number is that? Hmmm well it is uhhh infinite. SHIT!

At this rate, it will take an infinite quantity of death and suffering to reach our goal. This was all detailed in the paper by one unnamed scientist. The paper was bouncing around among the scientists. Originally it was only hushed whispers of the edge lords, “life is like suffering bro…” Slowly but surely, the scientists could not ignore the evidence. The more sensible and less angsty fuckers where in scandal. 

The scientists gathered together to discuss the solution, the final solution. The issue is a question over what  Health and Safety ™ exactly means. Is it wrong to expose future generations to a drop of the unhealthy and unsafe world? I mean is it not the great evil we fight to keep our living people away from? The only real objection was that the mission is to make all of us as safe as possible. But isn’t unsafety ultimately a product of human existence? The lawyers, ethicists, and logicians argued it out. 

After long committees and conferences, the bulk of the experts were invited to give a final review to the evidence. Within a short period of discussion, the measure was unanimously agreed upon by all the members. All of humanity was gassed in their sleep. After the deed was done, all the experts took the gas themselves. Good night humanity!

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