Israel on the Moon

Kyle wants to fuck his wife in the ass. ANAL! Fuck Yeah! His wife is like eww gross. NASTY! You Are A Pervert!

WHY DAMMIT?! Why did Kyle have to marry such a prude? It hasn’t served him well and left him looking up to the sky. While he could not feel the pleasing curves of his wifes ass, he could enjoy the beautiful curves of the moon. Oh moon, we have only the privilege of seeing your beautiful face; What secrets do you hold? He would glance up in his bed and stair outside the window. There were very epic and long philosophical debates with the moon. How did it get there? Where is it going? What is on your dark side?

After Kyle’s wife goes to sleep, an opportunity presents itself. He slips away to the basement to use the computer. In the dark basement, he would huddle around the light of a single lightbulb and the computer screen. Its light was only possible when certain people do not lurk in the night. Their eyes would only misunderstand his ideas. In the dark, he can conduct his esoteric research free from scorn. Really what secrets can one discover when they are free from the pressures of society? The real location of Israel, the moon. 

Kyle loves to post moon pills on the internet in an attempt to moon pill people. He puts painstaking effort into getting people to see the truth about the moon. WAKE UP MOON SLAVES! The moon and the jews, something is going on. Just look at these posts:

Answer me this paradox! How could we reject the moon? The moon is part of the traditional earth. It is a piece of our heritage, but we ejected it into space? Yet we accept the Jews and they came from space. When will we finally reclaim the moon from the ZOG invasion? Why are you funding the zionist plot called NASA? GOT EM! ZOG Nasholes owned!

Adolf Hitler? More like Moondolf Jewler! Am I right, lads? Bruh invented the greatest scheme ever. Make the jews look like a bunch of victims and in turn they will give up their secret. Too bad the jews jewed over Hitler and only gave him primitive rocket technology.

Let me tell you, we used to have prayer in public school. But they took all that out of schools to teach semetic history, such as Astronomy. We can learn about Judaism, but not Jesus. Kids these days are taught about these Jewish tricks such as stars and supernovas, but never their own history. Wake up America! Stop paying attention to bullshit a bajillion miles away and learn about what is in your goddamn heart!

Friendly reminders. The twin towers were destroyed by jewish moon lasers. Vaccines were invented by Rabbis who live on the moon. Male homosexuality and the gay porn industry is propped up by a magnetic beacon on the moon run created by fucking JEWS! I just want to clarify that lesbians were invented by Jesus Christ. God Bless.

If these posts don’t moonpill you, then you are probably brainwashed. BASED AND MOONPILLED! Kyle prided himself on his most excellent arguments. He only dropped the most undeniable moonpills. He was satisfied with his internet posts, for now. It is time to head back up stairs to go lay next to his wife. Before you return to normie space, you need to hide the entrance. Kyle remembered to clear his internet history and pray to God. 

As usually, he opened the door with care. You need to sneak in under the cover of darkness. The light of the moon crept in and provided a spotlight onto the bed. HOLY SHIT! His wife was not in the bed. Kyle began to panic and began to wonder what level of spooks, cuckoldry, or general plotting was going on. But out of the darkness, his wife revealed herself sitting in a chair in the corner of their bedroom. 

She was quick to cut to chase. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? He told her he was doing research. No need to explicitly lie. Wink. You can just leave out the part where you mention the Jews running the world from the moon. She was not having any of this. BULLSHIT! Oh no, his wife is a total liberal. She knows, doesn’t she? Kyle needs to stay cool and hope his wife has not totally caught on. The real paranoia sets in now. People are too brainwashed to accept the obvious truths, they will think he is fucking crazy. Probably have him rounded up in lunar semite reeducation centers. These fuckers are prepared to do crazy things to kyle.

Why has Kyle’s wife betrayed him? Was it the jew thing? Was it the moon thing? Was it both? Kyle started to glance up at the moon. His wife assumed he would come clean, but his fear turned into being puzzled. In reality, it was nothing about the moon nor the jews. YOU ARE A DIRTY PORN WATCHING PERVERT! Oh lord, Kyle was not gonna have unspeakable things done to him. She did not discover his secret. She just thinks he is watching a bunch of degenerate pornography. Oh yeah, Kyle is totally watching porn where men anally fuck their wives. Wink. He has totally dishonored his wife. Big sad. So guilty.

This kind of worked out, he actually had more time to use his computer now. His wife just made him sleep on the couch. He had more time to write excellent moon pills. 

These astronauts, I call them jewstronomers, tell us that the rays of the sun are bad for us. You can’t sit under the glorious sun, looking at it and admiring its beauty. But they tell us all the time to gaze at the fucking moon and stars so they brainwash us.

They want to open the borders so they can reduce us to an army of goyim slaves. Nothing the lunar israeite loves more than goys slaving away to make the green line go up and fund their (((space program))).

A good thing can’t last forever, you know. Kyle’s wife invited him to sit down and go to marriage counselling. He knew it really couldn’t hurt, maybe he could get his wife to conceed on anal in exchange for less computer time. I mean moon pilling will go on without him. There are things more important in this world, such as sex with your wife. 

So they arrive at the office of this doctor his wife knows. It is all pretty boring. The doctor mostly just asks the wife a bunch of gay ass questions about her stupid feelings. BORING! Did Kyle’s wife just hire some dude to tell her that she is right? Wait, never mind. The doctor finally asks Kyle a question. YES! What are you passionate about? Hmmm! Wait! He can’t tell him the total truth, that will give him away. So Kyle told the doctor he is curious about the back side of the moon. What is even up there? You know? The doctor sat back in his chair with a maniacal laugh. HU HU HE HE HA HA! Uhhhhhh…

He finally tells Kyle the truth about the moon. This is a metaphor for his sexual desire to anally fuck his wife. Like what is on the backside of the moon, what is in my wife’s ass? Same question from an evolutionary perspective. It is a kind of a harmless curiosity. You get to hit it from the front all day, just like you see the front of the moon. BEAUTIFUL FACE! NICE TITS! OH JEEZ! THE ASS IS OFF LIMITS! Like you never see the back side of the moon, your wife never ever wants to let you hit it from behind. You see what I mean? His wife was so moved by the rhetoric she was willing to give it a shot. She just made him promise to stop looking at… FILTHY INTERNET PORN! They smiled. Kyle got anal and his wife got her husband to stop spending time on the computer.

This was quite a satisfying end. Almost. Kyle saw his wife write the doctor a check to pay him for his services. As that check was being written, Kyle saw how he was wringing his hands. JEW! This is a fucking conspiracy, they are in on it too. They know Kyle is too close to the truth. His wife is actually cucking him with the help of Doctor Rabbi Moonstein. He needed to act fast to get out of this. So he decided to quickly escape by jumping out the window…

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