Notes On “Gender Radical”

I have been thinking about Contrapoints’ video “cringe”. She calls out another youtuber named Rose of Dawn for her cringe content. Contra basically ended her video by saying that Rose hates herself. People who have disagreements with me are psychologically troubled. Now, I think there can be merit in making such an accusation. In this case, Rose responded in her own video, “NO U”. I mean Rose can just point out that Contrapoints actually dresses up in crazy costumes and an inch layer of makeup because she also hates herself. It is the same thing with Tiffany Tumbles, but I think that character is more complex than just being Blaire White. I think armchair psychological critiques of people prove very little. She has also missed out on providing a really scathing critique of the agenda that Rose of Dawn promotes.

I want to make a point about making psychological critiques of people. You can really look at it in two interesting ways. This idea that we are logical fact machines who come to our positions because we have strong principles is kind of silly. I mean it is obvious here that of course Rose’s critique of transgender people’s appearances is probably influenced by her own humiliation. I don’t think she would deny that. The issue is that there are in theory at least a very large quantity of possible interpretations of the psychology here. What was the intent or inner motivation? We can’t just actually watch her behavior and generate a universal plausible psychology. I mean contrapoints by using this psychological analysis is not judging her by her actions, but by speculating about her psychology. Contra is still going to say things which are ultimately serving her own psychological bias. It doesn’t prove anything and falls flat.

I think that Rose of Dawn is definitely more motivated by her right wing political views and convictions. I don’t think she is trying to appease anyone. She is a regular contributor to Unpopular Opinions, a right wing live stream show hosted by the Academic Agent. I have also actually been on this show. I enjoy Rose of Dawn for pretty good journalism. I think that is very easy to criticize Rose of Dawn for her focus on Jessica Yaniv, but she was one of the first people to even discover this predator. I even have a lot of respect for some of Rose of Daw. Rose has taken very positive positions on transgender children. I think that Contras charges really don’t stick if you closely follow Rose of Dawn. It is just a bad tendency to paint your opponents as psychologically wrong. 

In defense of Contrapoints, I think the format of the video is reductionist by its nature. She was talking about cringe and not making a broader dive into Rose of Dawn. Plausibly, a lot of transgender cringe content makers are motivated by the desire to distance themselves from the shame of being transgender. I mean I know the type of vaguely right wing person who loves skeptic content. They say buzzwords such as free markets, but they hardly are able to make a indepth argument when you press them. They mostly just like these light culture issues and use buzzwords for the bulk of serious policy. I think Tiffany Tumbles as a character is about Contrapoints close collaborator, Theryn Meyer. I think this interpretation redeems the character. I think as a critique of Blaire White in my opinion it is reductionist. I associate with a lot of right wingers and share many opinions with these people.

I think that right wingers are often fucking cruel to transgender people. Like this is a no shit. I think many of my right wing friends were overall very supportive of me. There are a lot of people who have engaged in personal targeted harassment of me. The only case I care to share here is a man named Kevin Fenchak. He is an unstable right wing maniac who thinks that anyone who is LGBTQ is a pedophile out to get him. He once threatened to beat me up via a group chat, because I stood up against his attacks that gay people are pedophiles. This was on a right wing group chat at Penn State. In the deep lore, an Academic Agent fan community, I know for a fact that Rose of Dawn was a member at some time. They call her Bloke of Dawn. This is kind of fucking sad. I like the Academic Agent for his content on economics; The content I do on economics was influenced by the Academic Agent. I would often try to contribute to discussions of economics and libertarianism on these fan communities. I ultimately dont hangout there anymore, because people would just harass me about trans issues. I don’t even post about trans issues on that server. I actually try to respect their uncomfortability with trans people. Many of these people are just fucking annoying. Not all, but you know.

I think the meat of my problems with Rose of Dawn is her editorializing. She is against what she calls the gender radicals. So I want to explore this agenda of hers. 

So here is an anecdote I heard from matterialist coomer Sam Harris in his book on scientific morality. Basically he describes how a father would brutally rape his son, then he asks the reader to reflect. Isn’t this wrong? HA! Good One!

Steven Crowder did a video on AIDS talking about how gay anal sex puts someone at much higher risk of being infected with AIDS. Shouldn’t we warn against such harmful behavior? This was his question he asked the audience. Why would we encourage such harmful behavior? Very fascinating, no?

Okay here is one that Rose uses on us. Someone claiming to be a transwoman entered a woman’s prison and raped a woman with HIS penis. Isn’t this an example of how gender radical self ID allows men to rape women. Why would a real trans woman want to use her penis? 

I think there are plenty of wrong things that are hard to determine why we think they are wrong. This is morally dumbfounding. Basically you shock people with something that seems wrong and then you make your dumb points. Are you saying that you support women getting raped by men? Fucking gender radicals love raping women.

There are hardly any tears among the conservatives over women getting raped by men in prison. For many years now, long before trans became a hot topic, governments have been responding to the problem of women being raped in prison. Transw women were the ones being raped. Beyond this there is just a lot of rape in prisons. People make fucking jokes over this. The rape of a trans person is much more tolerable to most of these fucking people than a few transgender people raping a woman. I hold the position that we should punish all rapists and protect all people from rape. 

The truth is that a lot of conservative ideology thinks that transgender people are fundementally inferior. They are irrational and deserve paternalistic care by the state. I thought that we believed in freedom of thought and expression. Diversity of ideas they say. But if you want to explore your gender in a way which is not approved, you deserve to have the violence of the state directed at you.

When a TERF wants to use the power of the state to control a transgender woman’s body. If someone who is at threat of this state violence objects and threatens these people, well they are against FREE SPEECH. 

We live in a democratic society and I think it should be public debate that we should have medical institutions try to enforce their norms on you. If you are a trans woman who is attracted to women, then I think you should be denied the right to make choices. I just think you are a creepy male coomer. You should be sent to prison with men who will rape you. You should be denied documents that will allow you to travel safely abroad or even domestically without harassment. When you object to the idea that a group of people have a right to control your free private decisions, you hate their free speech rights. 

Rose of Dawn loves the gender identity clinics in her country. Puzzle me this, how can a so-called classical liberal support a state bureaucratic institution where people have to wait years to get approved treatment? What? Isn’t this exactly everything that the classical liberals fight against. The power of state bureaucratic forces to drag the individual into compliance. Well they say this when it comes to business and the economy. But wait, no here when it comes to trans people, they need to be scientifically managed by state planners. I mean why would a transgender person take this kind of classical liberal stuff seriously. It is a sick joke in the experience of the average trans person.

I am a radical supporter of free speech. I say whatever I want and fuck the woke scolds. I will call a hon a hon. I will call a fag a fag. I will call a spade a spade. You know? I am an American and I believe in radical freedom. I don’t have to apologize that retards live in anti-freedom land. Boo hoo your country throws transphobes in jail. Well why are you blaming me a foreign citizen? I didn’t vote for such laws. Just want to say this to all these far right faggots who live in Europe and cry about how unfree their country is. 

I love Ludwig von Mises so much more than Karl Marx. Rose says that non binary people are some sort of marxist ideology. I think this is so wrong. The real marxist is a materialist coomer who drags the human condition down to grug and his material factors. The power of abstractions and the ability to reorder matter with your mind is something that materialist coomers are incapable of understanding. You know they talk about biological facts and shit. I will concede that this shit is sort of real. But the question of our lives is not about the material reality we find ourselves in. It is about the ideas and the interpretations of reality. If you figure out a new way to think about reality, you can change the world. 

The non binary person simply is exploring concepts beyond merely being a man and a woman. Society for obvious reasons started with these concepts and people are trying to move to abstraction. You can reject abstraction, ideas, signals, etc. for your coomer materialism. I mean transgender is not immediately logical from a matterialist mindset. How can matter be configured wrong? Like so you cross these gender barriers and express a desire to do so. But what are you really doing? Why should you be allowed to do that? It is not like we discovered in a lab that there exists gender dysphoria then suggested that we try gender transitioning. Nah fuck that ahistorical shit. People just wanted to change their gender and people tried to explain it in their materialist coomer mindset. Yeah the coomer matterialist psychologist has a meh theory, so what? It is all fallacy, the origin of the legitimacy here is the fact that you can individually express your values. 

You see it is all really a trap. The trans-woman has to both be a man and not a man. If I was to say my experience is not that of a man or a woman. Then I am being delusional. I can not simply call myself a man, that is a reductionist analysis of my biology and experience. The issue is that my history as a person is so informed by the male experience. I don’t see any point in rejecting this, you are who you are. I am pretty comfortable living as a gender queer woman.

Okay so in defense of the transgender rapist who used their penis. God that sounded fucking aweful, but you are abusing moral dumbfounding to make your points. If your contention is that using your penis invalidates you as a trans woman then you are denying biology. A friend of mine once told me that in highschool people used to suck dick in the hallways. I looked at him and was like what the fuck are you talking about. He then explained to me that oral sex feel good. I looked at him in anger. He can’t be serious to suggest just to suggest that this was a sufficient explanation. But then I realized that yes people have oral sex, because it feels good. In conclusion, people with penises stick them in vaginas because they feel good. Just because you are trans doesn’t mean you magically lack the desire to not have your penis stimulated. So conservatives who say real trans women don’t use their penises are the real libtards.

You know Rose says stuff about Chrischan, an admitted autistic coomer. It seems being a coomer is a disqualification for being trans. It couldn’t be that they are a sexually frustrated person who has a hard time communicating with people. Imagine believing that because someone has AGP tendencies, you can now say that they are a man. Like okay, this is a bunch of faggy psychology. We can dick around all day looking at people who put effort into their appearance, are on hormones, and look like a woman. Then because we suspect some inner feelings, a group of people are validated in humiliating this person by calling them a man. I hope we can all realize the utter insanity here. The real reason is that Chrischan is ugly as fuck and a weirdo. So you want to be mean to him. 

These are not obvious conclusions, it sounds reasonable to shame people as sexual fetishists. But isn’t Rose of Dawn the real male sexual fetishist? I am just fucking around… 

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