Dyke Lives Matter

A Fetish

“I am the big bad wolf; I am going to huff and puff and blow your box down”, my husband said as he went to town on my pussy. It made him feel awesome that he was a big strong man capable of giving a woman pleasure. I uhh have been lying to him… what really gets me off is when I don’t see his face. This way I can drift off to a beautiful jungle on the edge of a river. I run my feet through the clear jungle river and watch the toucans fly above my head. Then a man comes out of the jungle and its… mmmmm… Mr. Monster Cock! I swear I only do this so my husband can have the satisfaction of knowing he got me off.

I can’t complain, I mostly just sit at home and watch our two adorable twin children; a boy and a girl. Then when I put the two to bed, I like to watch porn on my phone. You are a young girl and like to have fun, but then you wake up and it is all over. This is where the fantasy awakens in you. It awakens when you are young and still able to back out if you had the courage. 

I can’t remember when I first stumbled upon porn. I believe I saw some woman put her mouth around a man’s cock. I then saw her face and mouth full of cum. I couldn’t imagine anything more disgusting. As a teenager, you are first exposed to vices and then you truly understand horror. There was a boy who was into me as a young teenager, he showed his affection by offering me a beer. Here I got my first swig of vice and reacted accordingly. Is this how beer tastes?! How revolting! Why would I ever do such a thing? Then he leads me away and then something unspeakable happened. It was just as foul as it appeared in the videos. I told myself, “ugggghhh… never again would I allow myself to do that.”

That is the strange thing about perversion. You are shocked at first exposure. The more wicked and traumatized children whisper to the others. They speak the truth of the adult world, they know it too well. I believed it, because I was no sucker; There were others who would never believe such a thing. “I deny this! Adults can’t be like this! It can’t be true! You are making it all up!”, said the good religious girl. She must have been the most shocked when she discovered it was true and she loved it. How do you act? The only thing you could possibly do as a child is to respond with disgust. “I hate this world and its vice!”, you would tell yourself. “Please return me to the world I know of bliss and sheepishness”, you bargained with the universe. These are distant or forgotten memories overshadowed by your development. You can’t deny anymore that you really like it and you carry on in the world alienated from your childhood mind. Let me tell you, I really did like it.

It was a phallic obsession like no other: The big black cock, also known as bbc. One could spend time questioning why you love bbc. Is it because it is black? Is it because I am a size queen? Maybe I was born with it? Maybe it was exposure? Exposure to what? I was unsure.

There was a black man of working class origin who’s only pleasure was destroying white holes with his bbc. This great man went by Mr. Monster Cock. I was browsing xvideos while I was a younger woman and found him as an escape. He lived a charming existence. The name he gave to his beautiful home out in the countryside was the court. The court was filled with beautiful white people who worshiped the glory of Mr. Monster Cock by satisfying his sexual needs. In the matter of sexual preference, he only desired to fill white holes with his big black cock. Any gender would do and they could be found among his diverse court. 

Your parents tell you that you need to go do something decent with your life. Go to college, study something nice and then when you are in class find the richest looking guy and suck his dick really really really good. This was my mother’s will, but little did she know I was able to form my own independent will. The chain of sexual mentorship from mother to daughter was broken over access to the internet. 

My father yelled at me and my younger siblings once, “Yall better not be looking at pornography on the internet!” Ah, yes that is where I got the idea to look at porn. When our father allowed us to get our own computers with internet connection, he gave us an anti-porn rant. I was totally ignorant to what on god’s green earth my father was even talking about. So I asked myself, “What was this pornography my father hates?” I ended up just searching it on the internet and so the story goes.

Ah but so I had no courage to knowingly rebel against my parents. I did exactly as told and went to college meeting rich nice men. I found the one I could tolerate and would give me the best life. He was a real winner with the parents. This was the man I met at age 20, my husband. But the only thing that I honestly remember doing during college was drinking and watching porn. This was the time I had cemented my desire to get bbc. I don’t know why, I honestly never knew a black person. Like you know, friend of friend sure, but I never had an intimate relationship with a black person. Pornography is the only escape I have towards my desires.

So I dreamt I could do something as daring and heroic as be a cock whore among the court of Mr. Monster Cock. Once in college, I sent him a message and asked if I could stay with him. He responded that I could as long as I pay “first and last month’s rent”. This was a euphemism for recording a video where you declare yourself one of his cock whores, then he proceeds to fuck you in every hole you have with his bbc. I booked a train ticket, but I honestly failed to show up. I was too scared to go so I drank, then when I was too drunk I couldn’t leave. This was the senior year of college. I was engaged before graduation and I never had the courage to leave again.

The scariest dream you could have is one where you leave your old life and everything is improved. It leads you to realize that your pain and suffering was a pure choice. Last night, I dreamt that I got up in the morning and drove non stop to Mr. Monster Cock’s court. When I arrived at his door I told him, “I am ready to pay first and last month’s rent.” He then picked me up and dragged me to his bedroom where he proceeded to shove my head down on his big black cock. I began gagging and crying tears of joy as I finally was living out my dream. Then I realized I couldn’t breath and he wasn’t letting up. So I died choking on his big black cock. 

When I woke up I realized being with Mr. Monster Cock as depicted in my dreams was preferable to living my current life. Yes, dying choking on a big black cock would be preferential to spending another day with my pathetic husband. So I was getting ready to leave in the morning. I glanced down at my phone to check the news. Social media was blowing up with a video of Mr. Monster Cock being choked to death by a fucking cop. His body laid on the ground with his neck kneed on by the officer. He begged and cried for his life as the officer’s thick knee choked him to death. 

I sat down on the couch with total fear. I could have spent a few years with the man and lived the lifestyle. I would have been still young enough to leave that and find some rich white man cuck to trick into bankrolling my milk shop. I will never know the glory of Mr. Monster Cock. I am stuck forever living with my husband. I really really really would rather die choking on some big black cock.

A Protest

The protests started almost immediately. The streets were flooded with people demanding justice for Jefferson Carlyle, that was the name his mother gave him, but I will just substitute my prefered name, Mr. Monster Cock. What was strange about protests was the overwhelming number of women, homosexuals, and gender non conforming people that came out to protest police violence. Their numbers very much overshadowed the showing of the African American community. This was not a testament to the lack of support among the African American community, it was more of a testament to the total zeal for justice or something else. I mean the media reported that it was about police justice, but I wondered who among us were fellow Mr. Monster Cock fans. 

We marched everyday this past week. It also got me out of the house and mingling with other women my age. I really hit it off with this tall strong black woman named Solaris. She  displayed only the most warm and welcoming attitude among the women at the protest. While I was talking to a man, I wanted to call over Solaris. She had flat out ignored me and walked away. I asked her later what was the problem. She explained, “I do not particularly enjoy the sound of his voice or any man’s voice for that matter.” The way she discussed the nature of men in general was very detailed as if she knew man better than I was ever familiar with. What an odd person.

All while this was going on I was “treated” to sex with my husband. “Hola senorita, you know what my favorite meal is? Tacos! I will show you how much I love Tacos mama!”, he said in a shitty mexican accent before he went down on me. I can’t deal with this. I can’t pretend like Mr. Monster Cock is alive. I can’t pretend everything is okay. I can’t pretend to get off for my husband when my fantasy is gone. I am living for something that no longer exists. In a moment of clarity, I pushed my husband off of me and got dressed.

He was surprised and distrurbed by what was happening. His reality was one where giving his wife oral sex was the only thing that could validate himself sexually. It was all a sick joke at his expense. Still he was unaware, but the reckoning is coming. I am leaving into the night and he will have to figure it out on his own. 

As I drive off into the night, I realize this was a stupid plan. I have no place to go and need to be there for my baby twins. So I decided just to go to the night protests. I will be in and out. I remember meeting this young black girl that said she lived on her own. Maybe she would understand and I could work out something between us.

Upon arriving at the protests I found the atmosphere tense. The president had announced the evening before, “I will not allow thugs to destroy America!” He was ready to mobilize the national guard in defense of our streets. This had everyone very spooked. Solaris was smoking a cigarette and had a small group of women gathered around her. I approached them and Solaris decided to let me in on the game. They were going to steal and destroy shit for fun and as Solaris says, “Fuck white men or just men!”

Yeah fuck my husband or no err… I will not fuck my husband! I mean what better to take your thoughts off of your shitty marriage than destroying other people’s shit. So we take a few baseball bats and molotov cocktails to paint the town. The problem was that no matter the amount of property we destroyed it could not fill my heart. I was sexually deprived. It was like playing music for a hungry dog. You can not enjoy music when you are half starved to death. I need to do something really fucking crazy. 

We entered a corner store that specializes in imported asian food and other consumer items. We had a great pick of octopussy flavored soda, real nigga cookie cakes, and cock flavored cheetos. It was while the others were going to town picking through the stuffed animals that I wondered off to see if they had any liquor. The owner stumbled in with a shotgun and rounded up the others. I stayed silent in the back as he was figuring out what to do with the other girls. I decided to sneak up silently behind him and bash his head in with my bat. He quickly hit the floor and the only thing that remained was his lifeless body. Without hesitation, the other girls gathered around his corpse and started to have the most obscene and satanic lesbionic orgie. They covered each other in blood and began licking, biting, and fingering each other. I was a bit taken aback, but I was like whatever man. So I joined in the fun. Why did I fall into an immediate trance? It was almost as if I was discovering something about my sexuality I had never known. Like waking up, walking out of the cave, and finally observing reality for how it is. This makes no fucking sense, what am I even thinking?

I woke up the following day in the bed of Solaris with a massive headache. I was resting in between her large breasts. Upon noticing I was awake, she got up and put on coffee. We sat across each other not saying much. Solaris finished off her coffee and slammed the mug onto the table. She asked me, “I have chosen you to be inducted into a conspiracy we like to call Dyke Lives Matter. Are you ready?” I was unsure what was going to happen next, but I thought I was in too deep. I atleast found the seed of my next pornographic obsession to replace Mr. Monster Cock; This was what I thought was satanic lesbianism. 

The first thing I was instructed to do was read some pamphlets circulated by Dyke Lives Matters. I will read them out for you.

Occasional Discourse on the Man Question

  • Twelve Man-Slayer Tamsin

One phrase I have heard from the big dick masculine types is “post nut clarity”; This idea is that when they coom, they gain an insight. They treat it as if their penis gives them some great ability to see reality. This is the delusion of masculinity. Imagine someone so deranged and focused on cooming, that they can not see reality clearly unless they have coomed in the last few minutes. This is the masculine subject, they think they are so intelligent, but the whole lot of them are basically coom brains. All of their intellectual study is just a carefully organized obsession with cooming. They pretend it is rational, but the models they construct in all of the sciences are just to further their desire to coom. We could have a much more objective study of the world when we remove the coom obsesion from our science. The masculine subject of course whines about their kind no longer being welcome in education. They object to feminine science, only because it emasculates them and does not help them coom. 

Masculine tendencies are caused ultimately by testosterone. Why are we pretending that testosterone isn’t a great evil in the modern world that cucks the progress of feminine society? Most of what is a man is being a coomer materialist rapist violent brute. The mainstream left while calling itself gender abolitionist is simply trying to neuter the man. They know the truth and this is why they label masculine behavior as evil. What is even worse is that they think they can cuck the masculine tendancy and keep him as a pet. This is dangerous, we live in an era where defense against masculine predation is forgotten. Because most men take their drugs and act like pathetic putty to mold into whatever the feminine wants. Let us not forget you should be afraid of the masculine beast. They lurk in the shadows and pretend to be a beta. This is the horror of most women these days, the decay of mirage that is the man as a puppy dog you reward with blowjobs. 

They are ready to take and plunder! This is the nature of the wicked man and they are destructive to superior feminine civilization. Our movement must move beyond reconciliation with masculinity. 

The Sexual Conflict & The Rise of Gynocracy

  • Cambrie Daughter of Lilith

In the beginning, God created man and woman as independent beings. When women would not bow to the will of man and blow him, the conflict started. The woman preferred to independently develop her sexuality, which resulted in the rational conclusion that she did not want the man. She would fuck snakes and demons; Yes, beastiality was really preferable to the pathetic nature of the first man. In response to this, God started over by sculpting a living sex doll and pumping it full of a mind controlling parasite originating from the man. This was the only way that God could ensure that women can be both free to act and determined in her actions.

The penis is a mythological obsession. It is intensified by a cultural standard of mandatory heteroseuxality that is pushed first by media and traditional institutions. The struggle over a woman’s sexuality is over once the penis acts to vassalise the young woman’s beliefs about social validation. The serfdom is maintained by parasites that travel via the penis. This conspiracy has brainwashed women to believe irrationally that they can only validate themselves via the penis. As we all want to seek validation in society, the woman attempts to do this by seeking more penis and it results in more parasites, thus the patient gets even sicker. 

The phallus is inherently undesirable and this creates conflict. All rational thought will lead you to the love of pussy. Once women realize that they are only “heterosexual” because of “brain worms” they embrace pussy. Men already embrace pussy, but they have a conflict. They are unable to love the pussy as equals. They are overcome by a violent obsession to have pussy and at the same time must offer something inferior to the pussy. They usually must get the pussy out of threat of violence and brainwashing; or the woman uses her pussy as a lure to extract value from the man. This later state is only achieved in later stages when penis mythology is in crisis; we will address this as the analysis moves forward. Because the man is a slave to sexual desire and can only offer inferior equipment they must forever live with shame. Men have pussy envy and this is the root of their sickness. 

How does penis mythology move into crisis? The mythology of the penis is that it is a center of validation for the woman when the system functions properly. The system is flawed because rationally we observe that the penis can not give us any validation. Since we are trained to act irrationally, we engage in a constant increase in expectations of penis. Women that feel unsatisfied with their penis experience after a while will make such a statement: Ah penis of such and such did not give the expected results; how about penis of such and such and more? Most have never sat down and sought validation from any other source. This leads to a perpetual thirst for the glorification of the promises that penis can offer. In essence, we only hope that more penis can fill the void in our lives, but we never think to try the real cure, pussy. You can see that the expectations of penis and the promises of penis power can far exceed the capacity of most penises. 

The conflict intensifies as most men’s penises are evaluated as unheroic and pathetic. Women then start to explore other opportunities as they grow increasingly free from constant of penis indoctrination. They are only willing to get their penis from a strong penis and since they don’t really need it they can go longer than a man is willing to give. This causes a general decrease in the infection levels of the parasites of penis. Men enter a counter conflict as the supply of pussy runs short. They are constantly obsessed with pussy and are deranged maniacs for the pussy. Pussy is only obtainable at the price of a mythological penis which can maintain the spectre of validation. Men in a panic offer their previously mythological penis and now merely adequate penis with a bonus simping cost. This further intensifies the rationalization of relationships with the genders. This converts sexual relationships into business deals which is a lesbianonic art. 

Now historically there is a problem with this development. The sexless and violent life of horny men and the infertility of the rising lesbian class does not contribute to the perpetuation of civilization. Men are killing each other over the remaining pussy, instead of being work horses. Lesbians are unable to reproduce without the disgusting invention and violation of a male. Thus, the civilization and its mythology regresses into barbarism. This process repeats and is the origin of the rise and fall of civilization. We can end this process by the introduction of Gynocracy. If we succeed, then we shall see the final stage of human development. 

Dyke Lives Matter Manifesto

  1. We invent egg to egg reproduction and abolish the need for sperm.
  2. We promote the glorification of ideas such as the big black cock. This will be tolerated by society as it reinforces general phallus mythology. Over time the less well endowed will revolt and we will reach the final days of our civilization.
  3. We will take over the government in a coup and declare that men are to be rounded up.
  4. All men will be given a choice: castration or the rope.
  5. We awaken women to the rationality of lesbianism. Those who are too far gone get the rope.
  6. The abolition of men and the permanent gynocracy.

A Revolution

These pamphlets were a real eye opener. I can’t believe I have been so blind to the forces of history and truth of lesbianism. It all makes sense now, Mr. Monster Cock is a pathetic man and means nothing to me. I was brainwashed to love big black cock. It is just a conspiracy by major governments and media organizations to suppress my rational lesbian nature. My new lover Solaris confirmed, “I feel nothing for a dead black man killed by the police. It is just a man killing another man. Who gives a fuck? All racial conflict is an illusion for the real sexual conflict.”

We decided to lay low in her apartment as the city was up in riots and the police were actively investigating the brutal murder of this older chinese man. It was these days when Solaris took it upon me to train for the revolution. We spent the days posting on the internet inter-racial porn, making fun of men’s penis size on the internet, and finding white men on Tinder. The best part about the Tinder dates was that instead of showing up, we just spam their phones with pictures of our “new boyfriend”, a strong black man. She taught me how to use a gun and how to kill men for the revolution. She taught me how to love a woman and receive love from a woman like I have never before experienced. She taught me the only way to redeem a man, how to castrate and rebirth them; This last task was very complex and it is preferred you leave it to expert revolutionary surgeons. 

A fear was over me that I would never see my two beautiful children. Solaris told me the revolution was coming soon and on the day of we will liberate my beautiful children. I informed Solaris I am worried because one of the children is a baby boy. Solaris responded in disgust, but understanding that he was an innocent child born into sin. She said she would call a revolutionary surgeon and an amazonian shock troop to raid my home. The amazonian shock troops are a branch of Dyke Lives Matter that are ready and mobilized to take up arms for the movement. They are a disciplined militia that will roundup and exterminate our enemies when the day comes. 

The days blended into eachother as we spent the days fucking and savagely destroying men. But one day Solaris informed me that tomorrow we will storm the house to liberate my children. We needed to get out of the city before they would pick us up. Those disgusting men, the police are out and about clashing and fighting. They will discover our weapons and surgical equipment. This was not tolerable since the revolution is coming soon. We ought to avoid men discovering our conspiracy. So we snuck through alleyways and dodged police checkpoints. Once we arrived at the river that separated the city from the suburbs, a van pulled up to pick us up. 

This was the first time I met officials from Dyke Lives Matter other than Solaris. We had a driver, a surgeon, and an amazonian; Solaris had informed me she was also an amazonian, so that made two. I was informed of the plan: We are going in and shooting my husband; Then we will take my two children back to a safe house; There we will deal with the baby boy and put him into a reform program. It seemed like a solid plan.

I approached the door with the two amazonians. We knocked on the door and my husband answered. He looked at me with tears and said, “I was so worried. I had called the police. It has been so many months.” His voice was so unbearable, it was in a horrid manish tone that I have heard a million times before, but now it seems sick and disgusting. I told him, “A group of men had kidnaped me and these two women agents had discovered and rescued me”. He started to cry and invited everyone inside. He went to call our families, but then the two amazonians grabbed him from behind and started to strangle him. They dragged his body to the basement where they tied him up and gave me a gun so I could put a bullet in his head. He was so confused and cried out, “Why are you doing this? We were happily married!” At this time, I could hear the true nature of what this man says. I didn’t understand what happily married meant until now. I shot him with no sadness in my heart, he was just a pathetic man and an impediment to progress. 

I picked up my two twin babies and hopped into the van. We drove off to the next city over and entered a nice compound full of dyke lives matter agents. They took my two children off of me to put into dyke lives matter education and a reform program for the boy. They gave us an assignment and told us to wait out the revolution at this apartment on the other side of the city. Me and Solaris took a cab over to our new place which was shared with a few other agents. We spent the days preparing and having fun. I had a good time with the other girls, but Solaris was my favorite and my lover. 

One day we were informed that we need to check out the news. The man announcer gave off the most offensive screech and the woman announcer was calm and beautiful. Ah her tone gave me the most warm feeling, but it was quickly raped by the introduction of the man’s voice. Out of my melodic daze introduced by the woman and periods of rage at the man, I began to notice that they were preparing for the president to speak. Solaris paid close attention to what they were saying and I decided to get a grip.

The president finally appeared for a speech. “FUCK BLACKS!”, said the president. “They think they can destroy whatever they want, because they got a big dick. I will show you who has a big dick”, the president then dissolved civilization and declared: “A State of Nature”; “Man vs. Man!”; “Fight me bro!”

Solaris, the other girls, and I drank Crown Russe and watched out the window as men murdered each other in the street. We were laughing our asses off. This was the best day so far in our lives. Men killing each other for our amusement.

A man held a gun to another man’s head to get a blowjob. But then a man from behind him came up and decapitated him. Then a gang of three dudes came up and bludgeoned him to death. They held a cook out to eat the dead bodies. While they were eating these bodies, a man drove his car down the street and ran over the gang. He got out of his car to get some of that yummy roast human flesh. But another man came out from behind a bush and sodomized the driver with a knife. He then took the car and drove off, but quickly crashed and the car exploded.

This lasted for about a half hour before the news came back on. The newscaster woman claimed she was a local media representative for the new government. She was an agent of Dyke Lives Matter, but we were not yet ready to reveal ourselves. She explained that women are prepared to restore order and kill anyone who resists. Men who continue to kill each other will be put down with swift and brutal violence. All men who wish to side with peace should be inside. All men in the streets will be taken as enemy combatants.

Solaris had to leave immediately, she was an Amazonian. The Amazonian shock troops were quickly deployed and marched down the streets clearing it out by shooting any man they see on the streets. After a day of brutal violence in the streets. The amazonians were tasked with registering and rounding up the rest of the men. The new government declared they will allocate men to socially useful tasks. All the men were happy as they finally had a higher and more evolved caretaker, the gynocracy. Oh what a bunch of poor fuckers, I almost have sympathy for what is coming to them. But I know rationally that it is well deserved.

The following day the government announced that they have discovered a way for women to reproduce without men. The government declared that because of the new technology men were no longer socially useful. They would have a choice: castration or the rope. This means that they can choose to give up their manhood and live a life of reform or be hung from a tree. All women who protested were rounded up over the next few months and given the rope. Especially women who hid men and helped them escape justice. Some people are beyond reason and can’t be helped. 

Many men realized they were sick and accepted the new order. Most women realized that lesbianism was rational and good for them. Reeducation was successful and we didn’t need to hang more than 70% of men and 25% of women. It was hard to say as it was kind of, a free for all. It was what was necessary for a change. I am sure there were some good people who hung; Still it is better that a thousand good people die, than one wicked degenerate man lives. Thus we have reached the abolition of men and the permanent gynocracy. 

I awoke the next day next to my partner. 

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