Materialist Cooomer Fantasies

The Denunciation of Drinking Water

“Mommy mommy, I am thirsty!”, said the fat tub of shit kid at the movie theatre. It disgusts me the amount of materialist coomerism in society. It is all just people solving problems by consooming. I bet right now you are all UwUs over the idea of consooooming. Look at me I am thirsty! I am going to solve it in the laziest possible way, consooming. This attitude is not just reinforced by lazy consooomer parents! It is reinforced in the media we consooom! I was at the movies with my date and of course my date got to pick the movie. Let me tell you, it was disgusting trash. 

The movie was about a planet that was undergoing a drought. It was a mystery asking the question: where the water was going? So a team of scientists are tasked to investigate. They are only one contingent, another group of scientists is working on being able to make large quantities of water in a lab for cheap. Overtime as leads came up dry(haha?), they couldn’t figure out why the water was disappearing. It was almost seemingly being sucked into space. The plan to make water in a lab was looking good and got more funding as time went on. The search for the missing water was highly defunded and down to a sexy empowered woman agent scientist. The question of where the water was going was an obsession of our protagonist. One day she was beamed up by some aliens and thus uncovered that a group of offword raiders show up to worlds with water and take the water. She tries to communicate to the aliens that water is not that scarce and they are working on being able to make it in abundance with the power of science. In the end, the planet and the universe (ultimately) is saved, because they taught the aliens how to make water without raiding. Everyone is free to drink water, in fact, as much water as they want. Hooray! The end!

You see how subversive and disgusting this is? Forget all this science fantasy, this is not fiction, that movie is a pornographic fantasy that should not be shown to children. We do not let perverts touch their dicks in public and stimulate their lower needs. Why should we teach children that they just need to slurp down the lubricant known as water to satisfy one of their most savage and lower needs, thirst. It is perverse and pathetic. They will learn early on, as is the state of humanity, just to wank their thirst with water lubricant whenever the urge arises. We need a movie that is full of real virtue; So here is my idea for a movie.

Two cowboys are in a desert and they are wandering by themselves. They see on the horizon a bottle of water. So they rush to get the bottle of water since such a thing is rare and they are thirsty. As they approach the bottle of water they notice each other. So they decide to wrestle for it. After 15 minutes of insane erotic wrestling, one of the cowboys pins the other down. They pull out a gun, put it to the other’s head, and make an offer: blow me or die. The other cowboy willingly conceded because of the absolute fear of death. So while the other cowboy is blowing him, he picks up the water and spills it all over the ground. Then he gives an impassioned speech about how he doesn’t follow the laws because they are a fiction. This includes the laws of biology, you would have to be a sucker to enslave yourself to someone as pathetic as a biologist. The two cowboys separate and go on their way.

I find that such a story would improve the moral character of society. Many people would take this for a sick joke. This is fine, I will be happy to raise more sheep amongst my flock. Then one day I will render their meat. This is a metaphor.

The Revolt Against Science

Anarchists talk about the need to revolt against the government. I feel there is a more sinister evil and thus it merits an even greater revolt: the fiction that is science. Government and science; They are all the same thing, a fiction that claims to have authority over you. This authority over you has one demand, consooooooooom. I look at the material things around me and I cooooooom. Everything is reducible to the increase in penis size upon gazing at the object. That is a scientific observation, you can measure the increase from flaccid to raging erect penis. OwO

People will tell you that you have to be a lot of things. Upon what authority do you slave drive me? “Human reason!”, they proclaim; They cry out in zeal, “Behold this argument of logical and scientific authority!” Well I have an objective logical argument from first principles that you should lick my pussy and the empirical implications of such a theory will lead you to blow your brains out! I think such an argument would not be in my interest to repeat here. I would quickly consooom most of my slavish audience. Yes, I will yield a burst of compelled sexual service, but then I will have used them up as they have been led into the grave by the implications of the argument. I am not a consoomer, as you may know. This would not serve my interests. I want to vassalize your mind and get as much value out of you as possible. You are worth more to me than just a good pussy eating and an erotic suicide. 

But you don’t need to do anything. I would be immune to such arguments and maybe you might be too. You need not recognize the authority of reason. Don’t let daddy philoso-science-cuck sodomize you for an opportunity to suck off his massive reason. You use the scientist as your slave, something to glorify your existence. A slave does not make laws and commandments. They figure out how to fulfil your will and your desires or die. They need to care about the material consequences, because they fear death. Thus those who fear death are the slaves. Was it the fear that made the slave or the slave that is made to fear?

Biology is a cute line of thought, but let us get a grip for a second. We are supposed to listen to biology. The big cheer leaders of listening to biology tell us that you can’t behave this way, because you have an unchanging biology. This is just wrong with any engagement of critical thought. I was nothing before, now I am; Is my biological identity really so permanent? They mythologize the origin as if it is all, but it is the mere start of a process. Only faggots follow the trail that far back, because they are desperately searching for the OwO. Why do I need to say this? This is obvious to anyone who is not a fucking slave, but the average person is a slave. Oh they act most superstitious about the teachings of the biologist. My ears bleed with the screeching about the supposed limitations, but the sick joke is that people do it anyway. It is childish and has no impacts on anyone with real power.

They have what they think of as a final snicker. “Oh you will not listen to evolution, you will see in the end”, said the retard. Evolution is the ultimate materialist coomer fantasy. The cheerleading retard is a soldier in the great teleology that they smugly and dogmatically believe rules all things. So they work slavishly away to master this material process. Evolution is the sacrifice of the living for new possibilities. It diffuses and grinds up everything in the churn of history. It is to consoom the self for something alien to the self. Why do I subjugate myself to serve such childish games for something that holds no value to myself? Absolute cuckoldry!

The Destruction of Reality

To give credit to the materialist coomer, the merit of their ideas seems reasonable at first glance. You are going to die, if you want to have a chance at perpetuation then you must play the sick game that material reality has given us. The materialist coomer always looks right on first glance. This is because they are incapable of a second glance. Once they see something it is consoomed. They need not give anything another glance. The sickness of such a state is that they will use the first glance to promote their slavish ideology. What if this first glance contains some useful wisdom? Such thoughts scare me! It gives them some knowledge and in their world it makes others believe they have authority over you. 

I think that the best solution here to the materialist coooomer question would be to make a book which makes it impossible to gain wisdom from the text unless it has already been consoomed. The existence of such a library full of books would serve the destruction of materialist coomerism. “Ah you read the material content! Ah you consoomed the text! Ah you had your coooom!”, I would say teasingly. The materialist coomer would then gaze at me and utter a confused, “Yes!?” They would shrug this teasing off as me being odd or at worst deranged. Thus they would go on their day none the wiser to the real contents of the text and our motives. The book would take many more glances before it could give them any wisdom. What fools!

Reality is constructed in my mind. I have a new thought and it changes reality. Much like the text it only takes on significance in my mind. You fucking retard! You think there is something to the book. I wrote all the books… in my mind; I don’t even need to consooom! Not even once, I know all things. As my knowledge applies back on itself in a game of min-max, I amplify perpetually growing stronger.

Yes, I stand up and say that I am going to slice apart your biology with a knife. I have run it back over and over again. I see the flaws, the holes and the cuckoldry here. You do not deserve to have access to my knowledge, go away, but keep reading! I do my own things and build my own spooks. I play a different game, a game that I made up and one that has rules that serve me. These spooks will be truer and more terrifying children. 

The Real Cooomer Hours

I am interrupted in my flow often. I write in the hours when the consoomers are at peak consoooooming. Ah their mongoloid retardation and pig-fuckery never ceases to amaze. I got a call from one of these types. He tells me after watching the news that he has a glorious insight, “These anarchists opposing the government are retarded. How could anyone oppose the government, they are omnipresent?” He finishes off every statement with the assertion, “Only I can see the truth, most people can’t see it like I do” He insists this with only the most intense passion like he was certain of his genius. The problem is that he runs into me the following day after having a chat with the Rabbi. What great insights does our genius have to offer? After a spiritual experience and a discussion about the sickness that is government, he asserts his commitment to oppose the people in charge and become an anarchist. The former genius worshiper of the government, who only a day ago professed his undying faith, was now a non believer. He of course finished this off with the intense assertion that he has a special insight into reality and people can’t see it like he can. There was never a sign of insincerity in his eyes, as if he is still in the pornographic fantasy implanted by the local news.

Imagine a man that runs around so sex obssessed that he needs to coom to have a clear thought. Well this is actually all materialist cooomers. They all are seeking what cooomers call “post nut clarity”. They need to consooooom to have some access to enlightenment, but it is only momentary as the consooomer returns to his intense obsession with consoooming. It is not that they are wrong, but the truth they expressed is momentary fortune cookie wisdom. Don’t oppose the government, what are you retarded? How can you support the sick government? Both statements are highly reasonable and contain an aspect of the truth. The materialist coomer can only convien with the truth in momentary cooom sessions after they have watched a pornographic material that has satiated their sexual desires. OOOOHHHHH I AM GOING TO COOOOOOOOOOOM!

Why do these ideas lack permanence in the minds of the materialist cooomer? I mean they have their little fantasy, but then they move on with their day. This experience doesn’t affect them much, it has no impact long term. This is because ideas are just that, random thoughts. What do they say about reality? Nothing! Reality is material and I am just a product of my material factors. 

They spend their whole paycheck to fill their traps with nothing but consooomer products. But it is all a trap and they are into that sort of thing. Things that we call needs. We are just machines that seek pleasure and life is about maximum pleasure. I can’t aim my life towards ideals! I have to fulfill my needs! 

The Enslavement By Steak and Pussy

Living by absolutes is very dangerous. You think that these absolutes are a material constraint, but you have actually allowed your mind to be vassalized about ideas for how you ought to live. There are essentially no real absolutes. You spend your life in service to consooming and slaving away to satisfy your habits you justify with absolutes. You are fixed with one dreadful absolute idea, that you have material needs and must live with a set of imposed constraints you believe in. What are you going to do when the gang stalkers show up and demand you need to enter into their depraved sexual service? You are obliged to give them everything, because you think you need to eat a juicy piece of steak and have sex with your uggly spouse you only married out of desperation. People mythologize the gang stalkers as randomly kipnaping and raping people. You know they actually just ride around in their black vans teasing people with steak and pussy. 

I tell the person I keep locked in my basement, “Oh you just want to consoom, pathetic!” They are always whining about a lack of water, pussy, and meat. I refuse to give into my slave’s demands. How dare you ask for water, pussy, and meat! Who do you think you are talking to? Fucking degenerate materialist coomer always whining about being on the edge of death. Trying to trick me with their materialist coooomer lies about material needs being necessary for life. These are the great obsessions of a materialist cooooomer: water, pussy, and meat. That is why I am comfortable keeping him as a slave. They are already a natural slave to their material “needs”.

People love eating meat for hedonic reasons in the same way they are cucked matterialist cooooomers. I say that it is not merely that eating meat is immoral, but why do you simply think that pleasure should be an easily bought commodity? Did I tell you that I caught my human myself and trapped them to eat for the rare occasion? “Here coooomer cooomer coooomer! I got all your materialist needs”, I chanted as I drove through the streets in my dark van. I don’t know why I would have told you this. That would be pure fed-posting. Anyway, this is real pleasure, not that off the shelf pre-packaged materialist cooooooooomer shit. One day I will have a great feast! I will harvest my human and render him into only the most sublime and poetic meats. This will be my first exposure to meat. “I am but a virgin please be delicate with your meats”, said every materialist coooomer ever. They are all the same, boring and pathetic. My first feast will feature a human that I caught and carved up myself.

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