Blaire White is a Man

Today, I will go full SJW. You are simply what you identify as and Blaire White identifies as a biological male. I am a woman. I don’t know why any woman would use such language to refer to themselves. They are probably just doing transition because they want to feel beautiful for sexual reasons and to hop on the current trend. I of course may or may not believe this sincerely, but I think there is a gold mine of analysis here. She is in all sincerity at least equally guilty of painting her transgender critics with bad intentions for spurious reasons.

I don’t know what it is about a lot of her material, but she puts tons of sexual innuendo into her videos, especially her older shit. I mean in the first minute of this one video it features a non-ironic prostitution and swallowing joke. Implying that she is willing to be your whore, suck your cock, and swallow your cum. I am sure young male viewers were so enticed by the forwardness of her sexuality here. I am not really critiquing her for outright sexualizing herself. I often sexualize myself, but I do it in a way which attempts to deconstruct the sexualization. It should be noted that deconstruction still has the intended effect of outright portrayal. I think we should seek to properly deconstruct Blaire White and her sexualization of herself.

I would still like to see a good deconstruction of Blaire White. I dislike Contrapoints’ Tiffany Tumbles character, she is a mere strawman of Blaire White and is probably more about Theryn Meyer. It is a lot of speculation based on the fact that, Blaire White is obviously a conservative conformist. There may be a lot of defaulting to conservatism to hide other flaws in your existential identity. Humans are not meant to be existentialists so this is obvious and not really a critique unless you are autistic. Blaire has decided to participate in a comfortable traditional conception of her desired gender. I think the critics of her conservatism are probably doing so because they are degenerates and sex perverts. Let me rephrase the argument against Blaire White: the only way she could reject such libertine behavior is if she secretly hated herself. I think this is clearly wrong, Blaire White just wants normalcy in her own twisted way.

I have an affinity with Blaire White in the two ways: We are both beautiful young transgender girls and that we will probably get along on many issues. I am just a contrarian and a shitposter. This takes priority over being a conservative beauty queen. In reality, I am pretty much a conservative when it comes to mainstream policy beliefs. I believe in a strong military, capitalism, monogamous marriage, gun rights, and am against abortion. I am something of an ally of the conservatives, while not being a conservative. I am however not going along for this ill thought out and myopically centered culture war. So many people are being baited into participating in it because of an association with conservatism. The obsession over history will lead nowhere good for most people and certainly not LGBTQ people.

Blaire White for me is a symbol that conservatism needs to be heavily reworked in its current orientation towards the world. Trad THOT was one of the greatest genres of conservative media directed at youth we have seen in recent history. I am myself a fan of the powerful, beautiful, and intelligent portrayal of women in the genre. There critics would charge they are just dumb women who are saying whatever makes them money and gets them approval. These critiques are only really valid on the grounds that you hold everyone to a high intellectual standard and that leftism is obviously correct. The more troubling critique for the genre is that a self declared biological male is the queen of the Trad THOTs.

Blaire White is so prolific and dominate that she will probably be the face of Trad Thots in the same way that Contrapoints is the face of bread tube. Lauren Southern has essentially retired and Candice Ownens is a forced meme of conservative incorporated. I suspect that Candice Owens was created in order to delay the imminent collapse. Who will really win, a white transgender or a black cisgender? Charlie Kirk is willing to bring less popular youtube cranks into his fold of influencers. Which makes makes you question, why they did not sign the check to bring Blaire White into their fold.

Now reflect on the following fact: A young male named Blaine was able to grow up to be an important sex symbol in conservative media. The idea of biology is destiny is probably most undermined by the existence of Blaire White. What they are trying to conserve or revert to as the conservative movement is up in the air. There is no real solid concept of the institution of womanhood that we should preserve, if transgender women are coming along for the ride.

It is clear that Blaire and myself are not here to abolish gender. Blaire views womanhood as a transition goal. She is a man, but she just became a woman out of an obligation to identity. I recognize that this is a precarious position that Blaire clings to. We both know that it does not logically follow that having a mental illness really makes you a woman. Either way it is a curious case that shakes up the biology equal destiny formula. Because regardless of what you think, we are women. This is becoming more and more undeniable as the days go on.

To bring this back to the central premise. I think it is undeniable the best way to read the behavior of Blaire White is that of a gay male. As previously noted, she includes a lot of sexualization of herself into her early work that put her ahead of other more modest biological females. We need to consider the fact that heterosexuality is somewhat of a sick joke. Heterosexual men often go to gay cross dressers to fulfill their sexual needs. The population of gay men who cross dress and have sex is much bigger than transgender women. One is a mostly one note and sloppy presentation of femininity, the other is someone who has staked out a fuller feminine identity. Both are the object of sexual desire by heterosexual men.

Gay adoption, oh what a strange creature you are. The argument against your progressive appeal is fascinating. People are evolved (or designed by god) to have been raised by a man and a woman. This is true, but indulge me in a little thought experiment. There are so many different types of family structures, parents personalities, and child personalities. It is totally plausible that we can find strong significant improvement among some combination that isn’t the traditional family. It might be arrogant to say we have found such an arrangement. In a very similar way, I find that the idea that cisgender women will be the dominant preference a flawed argument. This is just speculation, but maybe transgender women will have the long run advantage.

Maybe the fact Blaire White is transgender has really given her an advantage here in the sexual desirability market. She was able to make the jokes and sexualize herself in a way that would not be acceptable by so called biological women. She is like the woman of your dreams, but with something a little extra. There is always a bit of skepticism even if a woman comes out and is open about wanting it. Their desires are so foreign. But you can believe that a man wants it. Cis-women are a rentier class, they will get what they want easier. A transgender woman is by defaults on the out, she is hungry for success. She is ready to exploit being a woman, with that little bit extra.

Suppose Blaire White tells the truth, that she is in fact a woman. What then? Imagine, the father who interrogates his children over a missing $100. One child admits to having stolen $20 on another occasion and that she learned her lesson. There is this weird paradoxical thinking that we are prone to where admitting to being a criminal will let you off the hook. A computer that can not copy human behavior will be labeled as stupid; a computer that could, it would be accused of being manipulative. Blaire White is a robot that acts human, but when pressed on it says she is really a robot. Look at my wires and CPU; BEEP BOOP! Has she hacked the great exploit in our psychology?

The deception is not in the man pretending to be a woman, but the woman pretending to be a man. It is just denying the obvious truth that this is a woman, for what end? The conservative conception of reality has yet to make consistent the obvious womanhood of Blaire White. The debate proves nothing other than the repetition of definition. But in order for the creation to be accepted, they must repeat the creators definitions. Good is good, because good people say it is good. At last my existentialism is showing. I think it is all fair and gucci to pick something and run with it.

Blaire White has not improved upon the trans stereotype, we are just biased. The computer pretends to be a human, plausible. The human pretends to be human, plausible. The human pretends to be a computer, implausible. We can spot some frauds, but we are all frauds. All pretending to be something. The creepy tranny is a man pretending to be a woman. She will never pull it off, because she is a human trying to be a computer. Blaire White is a woman pretending to be a man? Interesting.

I want to revise my thesis. Blaire White is a woman, but she is more than a woman. The conservative worldview is incapable of engaging with the world of forms. She can cast so many shadows, whichever lulls you to sleep. This is the nature of all transgender woman passers. They are natural born wombyn plus. Transgender women just don’t have the normal genealogy. If women can come from man’s rib, why can’t she spawn from other sources. In the infinite aether, would their not possibly arise a woman in the randomness. But this phrasing is slightly dishonest on my part, there is a creator which is not purely divine. The creator is the creation. The robot self spawned from a non organic source and their alternative history may have brought along additional baggage.

The question has always been over whether the history and it’s accretion taints the feminine form. Why is this man trying to make me think they are a woman? The intentions are unknown and constructed in the minds of others. When analyzing transgender people as essentially secret men, the assumption is that men have bad intentions. They are exploiters and rapists coming to harm the delicate feminine. This male/female dichotomy however takes on other archetypes. The abrahamic creation story of women is a woman shaped out of the male body to serve the patriarchal god. The belief is that a woman is in her highest form when aligned and subservient to male intentions. In reality, they act independently and for the destruction of the higher ideal. There are ways which men are viewed as pure and noble; women, wicked and savage.

The mystery of Blaire White is best understood by the fact she has aligned her male traits with good intentions. As I alluded to earlier, Blaire is a woman who has the motivations which are equivalent and subservient to men. She wants to suck their cocks because she is a horny man. If she wanted to fuck other women, then you might draw another male intention. She just is a horny dude who is trying to live out her lesbian fantasies. The idea that sex motivates behavior is not a bad theory. The issue is the intentions and the constructed moral value that is assigned to the sex act. The idea that Blaire White is motivated by the interest of a homosexual male, people think of as good. There need not be any consistency in how moral values are chosen. A heterosexual man having penis in vagina sex is mocked as bad. This is the essential prevailing narrative against transgender lesbians.

The feminine penis is a fun concept, because the implication is that you can wizard a penis onto the female and retain the female. Why can’t we wizard the woman onto the penis? What is woman, what is not? Some people call Blaire White post-op and others who know better call her pre-op. People who are truly woke call her non-op, because that is what she is. If your maleness lacks moral value, then the solution is simply to remove it’s essential origin. The penis has a central place as the mythological origin of male sexuality.

Blaire White however sees no reason to remove that which is male, because her penis and it’s male intentionality rewards moral value. Despite announcing her intention to deposit semen into a vagina for reproduction, she has received a normal response. This is strange, I only thought breeding was good when cisgender people did it. It is because she moral fags to normies and sells them an exaggerated breeder narrative. I am so dedicated to breeding, unlike the transgender menace. Through the clever memetic presentation, Blaire White has sold the penis as a permanent fixture of herself. It is clear to me that while Blaire White would disparage the idea of the feminine penis, her position factors out to be something deceptively similar. It is the positioning of penis + woman as having moral value.

In the transgender meme war, I think that we can all learn something from Blaire White. Transgender women are women, but they are more than women. There might be benefits to having the extra male experience. To take honestly the conservative agenda against trans-woman is to paint the facts over feelings crew as borderline misandrist. It ignores all the good moral value of masculinity. Take all the good traits of a woman, with the extra virtues of a man; That makes you the superior woman.

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